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1-bedroom Student Apartments in Decatur IL

1-bedroom Student Apartments in Decatur IL

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1-bedroom Student Apartments in Decatur IL

Moving out of on-campus housing is a big step. It indicates that you are ready to take on a higher level of independence at this point in your college stay. If you are thinking of having your own place, then searching for 1-bedroom student apartments in Decatur IL is a good place to start. A 1-bedroom apartment can be an affordable and a more pleasant arrangement than dorm room living. In addition, you get to explore more options including food, routine, and other activities involved in college life.  

Whereas some students want to live with roommates from the time they move into their first college dorm until they decide to have their own place off-campus, others are a little less excited about the idea, worrying that their roommate may be noisy, messy, or otherwise a little hard to live with. If you consider yourself as the latter, then a 1-bedroom student apartment in Decatur IL may be the perfect place for you to spend the rest of your college years. The Woods at Millikin can help you in your search for the right apartment. 

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Millikin 1-bedroom ApartmentsBenefits of a 1-bedroom Apartment

A one-bedroom apartment, as opposed to a studio apartment or a 2-bedroom apartment, is just right for holding small dinners, studying quietly, or relaxing while enjoying the solitude. In addition, a small space means less clutter or mess and a smaller area to clean up. It is easier to focus on your studies because you have a smaller space to worry about. Moreover, with a 1-bedroom apartment, you are less likely to overshop because you have limited space; therefore, you save money.   

Speaking of saving on expenses, another advantage of a smaller space is that heating, cooling, and power bills tend to be lower. This is because there is a smaller area to provide ambient temperature, and there are fewer appliances that use up electricity. You also save on decor because of the fewer surfaces to decorate. Furthermore, having a 1-bedroom student apartment means you can easily make up an excuse of not having enough room in case an obnoxious acquaintance insists that he or she stays for the night.

Our Super Single Bedroom ApartmentsSafe 1-bedroom Apartments 

At The Woods at Millikin, fewer rooms do not mean fewer features. In fact, our super single apartments are loaded with furnishings, including a washer and dryer, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, and stove. The living room is furnished with a couch, chair, end table, and coffee table. Furthermore, the kitchen is furnished with solid oak barstools and a breakfast bar area. The bedrooms are furnished with a desk, desk chair, dresser, a full-sized bed on a loft and mattress.

Our single apartments also have their own bathrooms complete with a double vanity and shower area and equipped with lock and key. The apartments are also furnished with flat-panel HDTVs for your entertainment. In addition, our 1-bedroom student apartments have their own local phone, cable, and network connectivity. We also have handicap-accessible units.

At The Woods at Millikin, we take pride in our 1-bedroom apartments that are home to many students working hard to complete their degrees. To help these students, we also work hard to provide the best services so that students can focus on studying and enjoying college.

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