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What do I need to bring with me on the day I sign my lease?

You need to bring a Driver's License or State ID, your Millikin ID, and you need to know your Social Security Number and the roommates you are wanting to sign with. 

What will the rent be for the 2020/2021 school year?

A full year lease is $9,399. (4699.50 per semester).

How does the cost of living at The Woods compare to living on campus?
Do all the roommates have to sign a lease at the same time?

No, each person can sign a lease at their own convenience. That said, do not wait too long to sign for the apartment and bedroom you want. There is always a chance that someone could sign for any vacant apartment and bedroom.

Do we allow co-ed living?

Yes, we do allow co-ed living. If residents are planning to live in a co-ed arrangement then each person is required to complete the "Opposite Gender Form" during their lease signing appointment.

What is a Guaranty of Lease?

A Guaranty of Lease is required for every lease. This form is equivalent to a co-signer. Each resident must have someone (usually a parent or guardian) complete and sign the form as well as have it notarized. We will mail this form to your Guarantor on the day you sign your lease. This form is due within 15 days after they receive it. 

What are my Payment Plan options?

Millikin provides 2 payment plan options:

1. Pay the total amount due by July or January depending on what lease you signed.

2. Pay in 4 monthly installments (flexible payment plan). 

Contact Student Financial Services at (217)424-6317 or

When is rent due?

You will see rent appear on your MU account starting July 1st for the Fall semester and again January 1st for the Spring semester. 

Does The Woods offer roommate matching?

Yes, we do offer roommate matching.  The Woods will attempt to match roommates based on common interests, extra curricular activies and current major.

I am not returning to school, do I still have a legal obligation to The Woods for my lease?

Regardless of your academic status you are still legally responsible for payments on your lease once you have signed your lease.

Can I sublease my apartment?

Subleasing is allowed.  A $125 subleasing fee must be paid and the new roommate needs to provide us with a Guaranty of Lease.  Your balance must be at $0 in order to sublease. Subleasing your apartment does not take you off the lease completely. Please refer to the Sublease Packet and Procedure under the Forms tab. If you would like to post your apartment for subleasing, you may do so under the Resources tab.

Does The Woods have 24 hour maintenance service?

Yes, The Woods has 24 hour maintenance service. Every work order that is reported will be addressed within 24 hours. Call our office at 217-464-8635 to report a maintenance issue anytime of day or night. 

Does The Woods offer security personnel?

Yes, The Woods offers nightly security personnel on-site 7 days a week.

Can I re-sign for my apartment next school year?

Our current residents are always given the first opportunity to lease their apartment again for the next academic year.

How long does it take to receive my security deposit refund?

Security deposit refunds will be mailed within 30 days of the end of the lease terms.

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