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Millikin Off-Campus Housing

Millikin Off-Campus Housing

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Millikin Off-Campus Student Housing

The end of summer marks the time when fresh-faced young adults make their way to college campuses to start the fall semester. Many considerations are made by these students, including the choice of student housing. Whether a student should live in off-campus or on-campus housing is a major decision that must be made with care. For many 18-year old freshmen living away from home for the first time, living on-campus is the obvious choice. Usually, the freshmen offerings of college campuses include housing options that allow new students to explore a university within its premises. 

However, for other students – upperclassmen returning to college or sophomores headed to school with friends – off-campus housing is their usual choice. This type of housing offers experiences that are not often found in on-campus housing. At Millikin University, The Woods at Millikin provides excellent off-campus housing for returning students. With our excellent accommodations, students can live conveniently and comfortably as they enjoy college life with their friends. 

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Millikin Apartment Features

Benefits of Millikin Off-Campus Housing

Living off-campus means that for the first time in most students’ lives, they’re on their own and surrounded by their peers. They can get lost in town, search for the best food together, and bond over shared first experiences. For some students, living off-campus with their friends can be an eye-opening experience. The higher level of independence means that they have to look out for themselves more than they used to when they lived on campus. This is because the community-oriented atmosphere in on-campus housing slightly diminishes with off-campus housing. 

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However, at The Woods at Millikin, the community-minded environment is very much alive. With the amenities provided by this Millikin off-campus housing, students can live independently while still enjoying the perks of on-campus housing options. For example, our Computer Lab offers free wireless networking so students can bring their laptops to perform research or complete papers. Moreover, the free color printing service at this facility is a great time and money saver. 

Furthermore, this off-campus housing option features a resort style swimming pool. The spacious Sundeck Lounge allows students to cool off during a hot day. The Woods at Millikin also features a fitness center and a game room for students looking for recreation. Moreover, our professional on-site staff is dedicated to serving students' needs. Social events with friends can be planned for the full college experience.   

Excellent Off-Campus Housing at The WoodsGreat Off-Campus Housing at Millikin

The Woods at Millikin provides the perfect location for off-campus housing. You can experience independence while enjoying the excellent services that this trusted apartment management company has to offer. We help you succeed as we provide the resources you need to assist you in your studies. Furthermore, we offer a safe and secure community where you can study and socialize with peace of mind.

Trust The Woods at Millikin today for excellent off-campus housing options for you and your friends. We offer convenient living and fully furnished options so that you have nothing left to worry about except for your studies and social life. We like to think of our apartments as your partners in college success. Get in touch with one of our representatives today to schedule a viewing or to make a reservation on one of our apartments.

Quality Off-Campus Housing at Millikin - The Woods at Millikin

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