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Junior Housing at Millikin

Junior Housing at Millikin

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Junior Housing at Millikin

Some say that being a junior in college is like being a middle child. Freshmen and sophomores enjoy the benefits of being newbies, whereas seniors are looked up to because of their experience. However, junior year is a monumental year in college, as this is the year when students really need to take things seriously. Junior housing at Millikin provides a place where college juniors can really focus on their field of study so that they can succeed in their chosen careers in the future. 

Juniors of Millikin University need a good place to stay. The Woods at Millikin offers not only beautiful and cozy apartments where students can come home to after a long day at school but also amenities that help them with their studies and their social life. As students enter their junior year, school work may start to take its toll. Therefore, a good school work-life balance is needed for students to survive this crucial year. With the offerings of The Woods at Millikin, students can achieve academic success while avoiding burnout.

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Apartments for Juniors at MillikinWhy The Woods is Best for Juniors

Junior year is usually the most important time to pursue an internship. Moreover, it is also a chance to explore career options through hands-on work experience before graduation. Therefore, juniors need a comfortable place to stay where they can go home to after a day of work. With good housing, students can look forward to going home and resting to be ready for the next day of work or school. The Woods at Millikin offers both good housing and helpful amenities for the convenience of juniors.

In addition to our beautiful apartments is our computer lab that offers lightning-fast Internet connectivity and free color printing. With these provisions, students can conveniently perform research or study in groups in an environment that is conducive to learning. Moreover, students can work on their papers using their own laptops because the facility also offers wireless networking, although they can also work from their apartments because our housing also comes with free Internet access. Lastly, our study areas are the perfect place for group projects or for studying for a major test.

Juniors Relaxing at The WoodsJunior Entertainment at The Woods

The Woods at Millikin does not only provide good housing and a place to work and study. We also want juniors to have a well-rounded lifestyle, so we offer amenities that cater to their recreational needs. For example, our resort-style swimming pool offers a place for students to take a dip and cool off. Furthermore, parties can be organized here for socialization. In addition, we have a clubhouse TV lounge with elegant and comfortable leather couches. We also have a fitness center where students can work out and remain fit.

The Woods at Millikin is one of the best places for juniors of the university. If you are a junior considering off-campus housing, then this place is your best bet. We offer flexible payment plans to help students with their finances. In addition, our 24-hour maintenance service allows students to focus more on their studies and less on managing essential aspects of their apartments. This is how we at The Woods help college juniors make it through the year as they enter their final year of college.

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Quality Junior Housing at Millikin by The Woods

"The computer lab is a great place to meet for group projects." "I love the wifi in the lab because it allows me to use my own computer."
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