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Summer 2020 Move-Out Information

Dear Current Residents,

It’s almost time to start packing again as the Summer comes to an end, your lease expires August 7, 2020. It has been a pleasure serving you this Summer and we look forward to making your move-out as smooth as possible! We will be conducting move-out inspections on August 7, 2020. Remember, personalized move-out appointments are scheduled on a first-come-first-serve basis, so please schedule your inspection soon.      

The move-out inspection will be done when the last person moves out and the unit is empty on 8/7/2020.

Steps to take…

  1. Communicate with roommates and decide who will be last to move-out.
  2. Select a time that works best for everyone. See schedule below.
  3. Choose one roommate to call the Woods leasing office to schedule a Move-Out Inspection time for our staff to visit your apartment. At this time keys are collected and you are presented with inspection results.

Starting today, please call the Woods leasing office at (217) 464-8635 to schedule your Move-Out Inspection.  Remember, only one inspection will be scheduled per apartment.

Move-Out Appointments


First Appointment

Last Appointment



8:00 AM

12:00 PM

Only 1 appointment per apartment.

(Keys will be collected and placed in envelope provided by us.)


* Your lease ends Friday, August 7th

**Move-out inspections take 30 minutes and all personal belongings must be out during this appointment time unless roommates re-signed.

July 24, 2020: The Woods will assign a time for any apartments which did not schedule a move-out inspection.

How do I prepare my apartment for inspection? Below you will find a move-out preparation checklist with instructions, what our inspectors will look for,  costs for damages, cleaning etc.  

Are you a current Woods resident and moving to another Woods Apartment with a Fall/Spring lease? Your current apartment will be ready for move-in on Wednesday, August 5, 2020. You can stop by the Woods leasing office during business hours (9:00 AM – 6:00 PM) any time on August 5, 2020 to pick up your new apartment keys. You will need to schedule a move-out appointment for your current apartment for August 7, 2020  based on the schedule above.  Please have everything packed/organized to make your move as easy as possible.

***VERY IMPORTANT: View the Move-Out Preparation Checklist HER E!

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